Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Student's Tips

Okay, cheers for the hard works.

Another 8 months have just passed, but I still has nothing to do other than keep on studying and reading books. All the hard works already hurting me in the most negative way, and this includes boredom.

Oh yes, the student life of course will be endured by anybody in their own life. Only those who don't want to keep themselves modernized and able to face the new challenges will ignore this part. But of course they will suffer more in the future. Imagine, the world nowadays has become more harsh and as expected, more hard challenges will be coming in. That what makes our lives become more intriguing and exciting.

Okay, for today's tips to face any examinations or tests, since today I have a test to face on. Darn it, I'll pawn the test hard, believe me.

1 - Make sure you prepares hard and with some good strategies, and that does not include studying hard and almost die for it, but in the end you didn't get any better inputs from it.

2 - About a month before your exams, please keep in mind, you will sacrifice all your entertainment and leisure time for it. The spirit of the samurai, baby... that's what I'm talking about. Just concentrate and focus on your own target, and think, after exams you'll got all the leisure times back... so don't worry.

3 - Short notes are important, but most of us didn't able to maximize the full usage of them. Please, prepare the short notes with full information and knowledge about any subjects, but with a nice handwriting and simple ways. They will help you understanding the topics generally.

4 - Other than short notes, the thick ol-books are also important, as references to your short notes. Perhaps they're a lot more important, but keep this in mind. Thick books are only suitable for references, not for memorizing facts. You'll get sleepy fast, trust me.

5 - Okay, sleepiness. The most haunting never-ending unsolved problems. I have some good old tips to be shared with all of you. The first one, hot black coffee... it's good for you to refresh your body up to maximum. Then, stretch your body often, since being numb on the chair will seriously cause sleepiness and probably, headache and pain on your back and ass. Buy some green apples and eat it only when you feel sleepy, since green apples contain a lot of caffeine and they help you keep the sleepiness away. And finally, my most favorite way and probably not-so-good and proper way... cigarette. I tend to finish at least a pack of cigarette when I revise my lessons or study. Hell I can even stay up late until the next morning with it.

6 - When you step up into the exam stages, please don't be afraid and reckless. It will cause all your memories will eventually fade and the worst part, gone. We usually refer it with a kinda haunted word, BLANK.

7 - Please sleep well at least the three days before examinations. You'll need it much and it will help your brain to rest a bit and maximize it's usage when you need it.

8 - Before going to the exam hall, please make sure you're well prepared. The exam slip, the stationery, the pens and pencils, the eraser, all the stuffs you'll need during the exam. Please guys, be more responsible will ya?

9 - And finally, just answer the damn exam and focus 120% on it. Don't think of other else like "Hell, I wanna go shopping after this" or "Damn f**k yeah, enjoy time" and so on. You won't let those bulls**t craps ruin your nice exam moments, right?

10 - Lastly, when the exam days are over... what are you waiting for? Just go and unleash hell on earth, you git!!! It's enjoy time baby!! Now is the time for you to enjoy your life to the fullest, at least you won't miss it when the exam results come to your house.

Okay, that's all for now. Hell, I got a test to attend to. Damn... wish me luck guys!!! Sayonara!!!

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